Slices of pie on plates

Pie Baking Guide

How to bake your best pie yet.

There's no American dessert more classic than pie. The aroma of fresh, hot pie, with its flaky, golden crust and flavorful filling, never fails to attract an eager crowd. Yet many bakers struggle to create pie they can feel proud to serve. How to please family and friends with the perfect home-baked pie? Read this guide — including Crust, Bake, Inspiration, and more — then practice, learn, and succeed!

Table of Contents

1. Crust

Follow our classic double pie crust recipe step by step, and you’ll have the tools you need to make your own flaky, tender crust.

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2. Bake

Learn the special techniques you need to create a delicious finished pie, from filling to baking.

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3. Inspiration

Learn the skills you need to move beyond the basics, from lattice tops to stunning twists.

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4. Thickener

Make sure your fruit pie filling is perfect every time, no matter what type of fruit or thickener you're using.

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Next: Crust

Every great pie starts from the bottom up. Learn just what you need to make the ultimate praiseworthy pie crust.

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