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A Climate of Change

At King Arthur Baking Company, our love of the land is deeply connected to our passion for baking. And we make business decisions that center on both. We are committed to being a force for good on this planet, from the depths of the soil to the renewable energy that powers our operations. Not just for our bottom line, but for the wellbeing of everyone on this earth.

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The Future of Flour

Our commitment to regenerative agriculture

Our 2030 Commitments for the Planet

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Regenerative Agriculture

Lead in regenerative agriculture with 100% of flour milled from regeneratively grown wheat

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Emissions Reduction

Use 100% renewable power at all King Arthur Baking facilities and reduce supply chain greenhouse gas emissions by 30%

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Zero Waste

Reduce waste generation, responsibly recycle and compost, and strive for zero waste to landfill

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Sustainable Packaging

Develop all packaging to include 100% deforestation-free fibers and a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled content


of the electricity at the King Arthur Bakery, Store, Café, and School in Vermont is offset by local solar net metering.

Chocolate chip cookies baked with sunlight!

Solar Power
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What is Regenerative Agriculture, and Why Is It So Important?

This critical approach to farming helps heal our land through flour.

Why I'm an Organic Farmer Video

Why I'm an Organic Farmer

Bob Baker

A fourth-generation farmer, lifelong resident of Alva, Oklahoma, and King Arthur grower.